Healing Services:
What We Do

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Healing Approaches





-All one-on-one sessions may include reiki, breathwork, shamanic practices, energy medicine, chakra alignment & balancing, oracle cards, crystals, guided meditation, pendulum dousing, crystal scrying, intuitive readings, divination, or prenatal doula care.

-Aroma & sound are included.

-Choose up to three methodologies to include in your session.


FREE Introductory Call:

-New clients receive a 20-minute introductory phone call/consultation with booking of first appointment ($50 value).

-Not sure what to choose? Have questions? Let us help you find the best fit for your transformation.



Reiki and Energy Healing - Table Session:

-Private one-on-one or distance healing

-Indoors at the Healing Studio located inside Belle Skincare

at 224 E. Faust St., New Braunfels, Texas.
-60-minute session includes hands-on table work

(Please allow 90 minutes) 

-Session may include “homework” and keyword guidance


Nature Healing- Mini Session:

-Private one-on-one; outdoor nature therapy (location TBA)
-60-minute session includes outdoor forest bathing

-Arrive 10 minutes early; session will begin on time


Nature Healing- Retreat:

-Private one-on-one; outdoor nature therapy (location TBA)
-120-minute (or longer) includes outdoor Forest Bathing

-Arrive 10 minutes early; session will begin on time


Nature Healing- Full Moon:

-Private one-on-one; outdoor nature therapy (location TBA)

-Full-moon or night session
-120-minute session includes outdoor forest bathing

-Arrive 10 minutes early; session will begin on time



Water Flotation Healing:

-Private one-on-one

-Outdoor nature therapy (river location TBA, pool available if needed)
-60-minute session includes outdoor reiki and water float healing

-Transformational connection with healing waters and receive reiki

Pet Reiki:

-Private one-on-one or distance healing

-Location varies
-30-minute session (varies)

Healing Services



$40 per person- Group Forest Therapy:

-Minimum five people (Fewer than five people = $50 per person)

-Location TBA (Travel fee may apply)

-120 minutes session

-Arrive 15 minutes early; session will begin on time


$50 per person- Full Moon Group Forest Therapy:
-Minimum five people (Fewer than five people = $60 per person)

-Full-moon, sunset, or night-time session

-Outdoor nature therapy (location TBA)
-120-minute session includes outdoor forest bathing

-Arrive 10 minutes early: session will begin on time


Please inquire about customized program design, public speaking, storytelling, weddings, prenatal doula care, parenting and discipline plans, corporate groups, teambuilding events, retreats, classes, workshops, and ANFT Trail Certification Program.



Healing Encouragement



$50 Intro to Forest Bathing: Energy Healing Walk-n-Talk:

-For new clients only
-30-minute indoor or outdoor meet-n-greet:
sample, tour, ask questions, learn more



$50 Remote Distance Healing:

-For established clients only

-30-minute energy boost, chakra alignment, and spiritual tuning

-Relax quietly at the scheduled time while I send energy to you

$50 Phone Check-in:

-For established clients only
-30-minute energy boost, chakra alignment, and spiritual tuning

-Need a boost, want a lift, job interview, having a panic attack, life anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed

Healing Packages



After one private session, you may upgrade to a package.

Your payment will be applied to the package price.


Personal Nature Connection Transformation Package:

Includes all of the following:

-FIVE one-on-one outdoor healing sessions 

-FOUR 30-minute phone check-in sessions 
-THREE remote distance healing energy boosts
-TWO indoor reiki healing sessions 

-TWO meet-n-greet sessions for your friends 

How it works:

-All sessions are to be scheduled one to three weeks apart
-Package is designed to be used within three months
(expires after five months)

-All FIVE outdoor sessions & ONE reiki session: schedule upon purchase

-Phone check-ins (4) and distance healing (3) timeslots are flexible

-Client is responsible for booking all sessions within eight weeks of purchase

-All sessions expire five months from date of purchase

Payment Options and Package Policies:
-$200 deposit is required to register

-Payment plans can be arranged in advance as needed

-Our cancellation policy applies to all package sessions

-No credits or refunds given for non-completion of any sessions

-Package expires five months from date of purchase


Family Share Nature Connect Transformation Package:

-Receive everything included in the Personal Transformation Package

-Share all sessions with immediate family

-Sessions can be used together (group) or separately (one-on-one)

-Receive ONE additional meet-n-greet session for a friend

-Receive ONE additional month for scheduling: package expires in six months


The Winds of Change: Life Transformation Program:

-10 one-hour private guided life-exploration sessions (Groups last TWO hours)

-All ten sessions to be scheduled in advance, one to two weeks apart

-Find balance and transform your life with one-on-one guidance

-A health and wellness deep dive with guided analysis

-Discover your inner world and find balance

-Explore and examine the seven areas of health and wellness

-Group pricing available if enrolling with others

-Access to Life Balance Course online and exclusive support group

Payment Options & Package Policies:
-$200 deposit required to register

-Payment plans may be arranged in advance

-Our cancellation policy applies to all package sessions

-Call for pricing and details

Healing Home




Home Energy Clearing:

-Allow two hours to refresh and renew your space
-New home? New goals? New job? New mindset! 
-Let your physical space become your sanctuary to support you

-Be ready for strange noises and scents as we open and restore your

sacred space (Rattles. Flutes. Chimes. Sage. Bells. Oracle cards…)

-Please inform us if you have scent preferences or allergies

-Children can participate with advance permission only

-Pets need to be secured

Home Energy Clearing Toolbox:

-60-minute session to learn your own tools for daily effective home-energy clearing

- It’s more than just sage and incense 
-Add this option to learn specific techniques for clearing your own

energy sanctuary and for developing your own daily healing practice

-Allow three hours total; you will participate in the process

-Children can participate with advance permission only

-Pets need to be secured


Home Energy Makeover: 

-After clearing and revitalizing the energy, add physical support to your intentions.

-Get simple design suggestions for your home and yard to help uplift and support your energy every day

-Tap into how your home can serve you best and become an ally in your life transformation: This may range from simple suggestions to a total makeover including decluttering and design elements, curtains and couches, to paint color, accessories and plants

-Design an altar and sacred space in your home or yard

-Responses must be submitted at least 24 hours pre-session to allow prep time:

How do you feel in your home? 

How do you feel about your home? 

What three words describe how you want to feel in your home? 

How do you want your sanctuary to support you?

-Travel fee added for homes outside 78130 zip code


Healing Products




>>Confluence Signature Aroma Scents Healing Sprays:

Made in small batches by hand from the finest ingredients
$20 Aroma-Mist: Rejuvenate, refresh and renew for body, room & textiles

$20 Body-Mist: Specially formulated for your body to soothe and refresh

$20 Travel-Mist: Roll-on bottles for travel-size convenience

$20 Fabric-Mist: Designed specifically to save your fine fabrics from dry-cleaning: Simply spritz and hang to dry

(Test on all fabrics before use)

$20 Bug-Mist:  Spray repellent for deterring the toughest critters

(Tested with complete satisfaction in Costa Rica, Colombia, California, and Cambodia. Please test before use.)


>> Custom-Designed, Reiki Infused Energy Intention Mist:
Personalized and made individually with specific healing intentions especially for you: An infusion of healing energy with each spray 

$50            Select one: Aroma-Mist, Body-Mist, or Roll-On wrist oil

$90            Choose any two products (Aroma-Mist, Body-Mist, or Roll-On)

$130          Get all three (Aroma-Mist, Body-Mist, and Roll-On)


-Your unique healing scent is designed uniquely for you.

-Kortnee crafts your scent while tapping into your energy field through distance energy healing. It is a privilege to design a “magic potion” created specifically and only for you.

-Your hand-crafted scent arrives to you infused with reiki healing and light energy. Each time you use it, you become infused with love, light, and renewed positive intention.

-Each hand-crafted scent is designed with the power of your personal intentions for your life transformation.

Please note: Your hand-crafted scent may vary with each order.

As you intuitively select your favorite essential oils and complete the questionnaire, you are giving Kortnee permission to tap into your energy field. Your scent is crafted in communion with source divinity on your behalf to bring specific healing energy, positivity and light directly to you. 

Please give us time to fill your order.

Please submit your completed questionnaire with your order.

>> Aroma-Mist Club: Subscription to Scent Healing

- One-year transformation aroma energy healing membership 

- Receive four uniquely crafted transformational healing scents over 12 months

- Personalized scents ship directly to you automatically every three months

- Custom-crafted healing infused scents delivered to you four times per year

- Each new shipment will be a different scent; therefore, with your paid subscription you will receive FOUR unique healing scents every three months over one year

- You must complete a detailed questionnaire for membership

- Membership includes additional distance healing based on your responses

- Please be specific and detailed in your questionnaire

$200          Select one: Aroma-Mist, Body-Mist, or Roll-On wrist oil

$360          Choose any two products*: (Aroma-Mist, Body-Mist, or Roll-On)

$520          Get all three products* (Aroma-Mist, Body-Mist, or Roll-On)

                  * Your selected products will be the same scent

Custom Scent & Membership Questionnaire:

(Please give your full attention when responding to ensure my ability to connect to your needs in designing your scent)

If your situation changes throughout the year, please send email updates prior to each new scent being designed. Please review the following list of suggested information then provide responses that you feel are relevant for you at this time. If a particular question doesn’t resonate with you, it is not necessary to include.

-Your age, sex, gender, height, weight, date of birth, photograph
-Your medical history: surgeries, chronic conditions, childhood diseases, significant accidents, traumas, injuries, etc.
-Current conditions, challenges, traumas, struggles, difficulties, etc.
-Comments on your current health status; self-review of your present situation
-What life goals are you working toward?

-How are you approaching life challenges at this time?

-What is bothering you most? 

-Share a great life achievement or some favorite things about yourself.

-Who are your spirit guides, masters, teachers, or power animals?
-What are your favorite scents?

-Do you have allergies or aversions to any scents, essential oils, or carrier oils?

-What is your main intention you wish to have infused in your scent?

-Anything else you want me to know?