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Healing Packages


After one private session, you may upgrade to a package.

Your payment will be applied to the package price.


Personal Nature Connection Transformation Package:

Includes all of the following:

-FIVE one-on-one outdoor healing sessions 

-FOUR 30-minute phone check-in sessions

-THREE remote distance healing energy boosts
-TWO indoor reiki healing sessions 

-TWO meet-n-greet sessions for your friends 

How it works:

-All sessions are to be scheduled one to three weeks apart
-Package is designed to be used within three months
(expires after five months)

-All FIVE outdoor sessions & ONE reiki session: schedule upon purchase

-Phone check-ins (4) and Distance Healing (3) timeslots are flexible

-Client is responsible for booking all sessions within eight weeks of purchase

-All sessions expire five months from date of purchase

Payment Options & Package Policies:
-$200 deposit is required to register

-Payment plans can be arranged in advance as needed

-Our cancellation policy applies to all package sessions

-No credits or refunds given for non-completion of any sessions

-Package expires five months from date of purchase


Family Share Nature Connect Transformation Package:

-Receive everything included in the Personal Transformation Package

-Share all sessions with immediate family

-Sessions can be used together (group) or separately (one-on-one)

-Receive ONE additional meet-n-greet session for a friend

-Receive ONE additional month for scheduling: package expires in six months


Winds of Change: Life Balance Transformation Course:

-10 one-hour private guided life-exploration sessions (Groups last TWO hours)

-All ten sessions to be scheduled in advance one to two weeks apart

-Find balance and transform your life with one-on-one guidance

-A health & wellness deep dive with guided analysis

-Discover your inner world and find balance

-Explore and examine the seven areas of health and wellness

-Group pricing available if enrolling with others

-Access to Life Balance Course online and exclusive support group

Payment Options & Package Policies:
-Call for pricing (prices vary for one-on-one and group programs)

-$200 deposit required to register

-Payment plans may be arranged in advance

-Our cancellation policy applies to all package sessions

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