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Tembo Journeys

A dog, a van and a pair of soulmates living their adventures.


But wait, what about Confluence Healing Arts and how is this related?

Throughout my website, Confluence Healing Arts, you will find all sorts of ways

to begin your own healing journey. It's all about getting 

grounded, centered, balanced and focused

so that you can begin to manifest the life of your dreams.

But what sort of SPIRITUAL TEACHER

would I be if I wasn't actually living the life of my dreams?

Tembo Journeys is the story of my own real-life adventure.

About a decade or so ago,

I manifested my soulmate and became the co-creator of my own authentic life.

Since then, we've traveled together

to Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and throughout North America.

Please follow our travels on Instagram and Facebook: TemboJourneys

Welcome to the adventure we lovingly refer to as #TemboJourneys.

Here's a sneak peek of Kortnee Whitehawk with her soulmate Kelly, their dog Indigo, and Tembo-the-Van:

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