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Inspirational Speaking 

"Kortnee fills the room with empower-full energy!"

Encouragement & Motivation

Transcend the ordinary!

Move beyond the typical guest speaker,

the polite applause,

the sneak-peeks at the phones in the laps,

the glances at the clock on the wall.

Those days are over.


"Kortnee is just phenomenal! It's crazy!  Listen, can I be honest? We've all been to events where the guest speaker just wasn't that great. And let's face it, not everyone is meant to be speaking to large groups of people. I mean it's just true. But Kortnee is the real deal.

She just knows what to say and what to do.

She's engaging, she's honest and incredibly wise all at the same time.

And, she's funny as heck too. How does she make you cry with a big ol' truth bomb

and then have you laughing a minute later? She's just that good." 
-Dave L., Wimberley, TX

& Inspirational Speaking



Contagious Enthusiasm

No one energizes and motivates a room like Kortnee. No one.

Corporate Conferences, Educational Seminars,

Networking Groups or Social Gatherings...

Your event is important.

You want to get it right.

Everyday Wisdom

- Engage and empower your audience

- Impart wisdom and create a lasting impact

- Bring fresh perspective and insight to your event theme

- Inspire new ideas and build collaboration

- Elevate your entire guest experience

- Choose from Kortnee's Signature Topics or select your own

Infectious Positivity

Dynamic customized topics

Interactive programs

Thought provoking perspectives

Life changing ideas

Inspiring women

Engaging children

Invigorating seniors

Motivating every age in between

"Kortnee Whitehawk is a gifted speaker, teacher and presenter."


This event changed me entirely. I've gained whole new perspective and am feeling so much better about myself and my life.  I feel like I have not only found a new friend, but also a wise mentor and guru in connecting with Kortnee. 

-Melodie M.

Kenya, Africa

I’ve always loved Kortnee’s light and energy. This light and energy has grown and expanded over the years into an incredible package of healing, joy, and peace. She just keeps getting better and better.

- Sarra V.

Barcelona, Spain

Kortnee is Miss Joy! Her energy is contagious, her passion for life is palpable, and she has the most positive attitude of anyone I've ever seen. She blew me away! And the amazing part of it all is, she is the REAL DEAL.

- Dr. Bailey

San Antonio, TX

Kortnee, You are Mother Earth personified and love just pours out of you! Everyone left the room full of joy and feeling completely inspired. Not only that, Kortnee gave us the tools to actually make changes. What a gift!"

- Danie Q.

Tulum, Mexico

I had the pleasure of listening to Kortnee speak at a workshop. I loved her honesty and vulnerability. We grow from each others truth and heal a little when we share our own. Kortnee has a warm spirit and kept the audience fully engaged and learning with skills to take home.

-Anitra M.

Atlanta, GA

My fellow Native American descendent sister is a fabulous speaker and an amazing facilitator of balance and learning to 'just be'. Ground center balance focus is real and life-changing. My experience has been magical and I always look forward to the next time!"

- Susie V.

New Braunfels, TX

Everyone connected with Kortnee so easily because she truly exudes and practices her message. Kortnee is indeed grounded and centered and balanced. Her teachings are fresh and her style is authentic. She practices what she preaches and it shows.

- Claire B.

Melbourne, Australia

If we have the chance to hire Kortnee again we will not hesitate. Our entire week was made magic because of Kortnee. She uplifted and encouraged everyone throughout the entire event. Every day she was there smiling and building camaraderie among our team.

- Jaclyn Z.

Orlando, Florida

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