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Outreach & Speaking Events


Whether engaging with children, invigorating seniors,

 or inspiring every age in between,

Kortnee Whitehawk

is a gifted speaker and presenter.

Our dynamic programs are interactive,

thought-provoking, and life-changing.

Contact us to design your own unique event,

presentation, workshop, or retreat. 


"I had the pleasure of listening to Kortnee speak last week. I loved her honesty and vulnerability. We grow from each others truth and heal a little when we share our own. Kortnee has a warm spirit and kept the audience fully engaged." -Anitra M.

"I’ve always loved Kortnee’s light and energy. This light and energy has grown and expanded over the years into an incredible package of healing, joy, and peace. My fellow Native American sister is a fabulous speaker and an amazing facilitator of balance and learning to 'just be'. My forest bathing experiences have been magical and I always look forward to the next time!" -Susie V.

"Kortnee is Miss Joy! Her energy is contagious, her passion for life is palpable, and she has the most positive attitude of anyone I've ever seen. She blew me away! And the amazing part of it all is, that she is REAL. Everyone connected with her message so easily because she truly exudes and practices her message. Kortnee is indeed grounded and centered and balanced. Her teachings are fresh and her style is authentic." -Ron D.

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