Confluence Healing Arts

Ground. Center. Balance. Focus.

Life transformation begins now...

Unearth your authenticity,

transform your reality,

manifest the life of your dreams:

- The Winds of Change Life Transformation Program

- Manifest Your Soulmate
- Co-create Your Dream Career

- Home Energy Clearings

- Dream interpretation & intuitive readings

- Water Flotation Healing

-  Energy Medicine, reiki, shamanic healing

- Nature Therapy & Forest Bathing
- Nature Connection Programs for healing practitioners

- Fire Ceremony Healing Circles

- Public Speaking & Motivational Programs

Ground. Center. Balance. Focus.

Come to the Confluence...

 Seeking your soulmate?

Dissatisfied with your career and finances?

Discouraged by your health and well-being?

Whether you're feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied by life,

feeling as though you cannot keep up,

wondering if there is something more out there for you,

or just sick and tired and lonely...

You've come to the right place. 

Stressed out? Feeling unwell? Hoping to lose some weight?

Want to boost your immune system? Having marriage problems?

Parenting issues? Overworked? Anxiety?  Depression?

Autoimmune disorders? Cancer?

Digestive issues? Chronic pain?

We can help!  Don't wait another minute.


What is

Confluence Healing Arts...


Ground, center, balance, focus...

 At the confluence of two beautiful rivers in a grove of magnificent cypress trees, imagine a time and space where the whole of your life experiences, your background, your highest self and your soul purpose finally begin to flow together as one.

This is Confluence Healing Arts.

Founded by Kortnee Whitehawk, MS, Ed, spiritual teacher and fifth-generation Abenaki Medicine Woman, Confluence Healing Arts provides healing sessions, life-mentoring, retreats, classes and programs that encourage well-being in transformational ways. As an award-winning health educator and curriculum developer, Kortnee is revolutionizing a new path to authenticity grounded in science, centered in spiritual development, balanced in relationship with natural elements, and focused on the manifestation of our highest-self and soul purpose. Through becoming grounded, centered, balanced and focused, we are transformed.