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It's time to find your joy!

Ground. Center. Balance. Focus.

Empower your life.  

Discover the tools and encouragement you need to 

end the frustration and move beyond the chaos. 

Unleash the cry of your heart!Awaken the song of your soul!

Choose your path to Empowerment

Change Your Life with Kortnee
"Upgrade your life, your health, your career, your finances, & your relationships.
I will help you get clear about exactly what you want and fully support you in getting there with simple tools and solutions. You feel overwhelmed; I have answers."


Book your one-on-one session with Kortnee:

So many options for


- Life Path Reading

- Soul Purpose Discovery

- Power Animals

- Chakra Totems

- Soul Mate Attraction

- Energy Medicine

- Reiki Healing

- Chakra Alignment

- Shamanic Healing

- Sacred Site Sessions

- Water Healing

- Fire Ceremony

- Moon Ceremony

- Home Energy Clearing

- Oracle Cards

- Intuitive Readings

- Career & Finance

- Limiting Beliefs

- Shadow Work

- Inner Child Healing


Retreats, Workshops,

& Destinations:


A menu of custom options for your event.


- Customized Retreats

- Inspirational Speaking

- Ceremony

-Team Building Workshops

- Forest Bathing

- Nature Connection

- Family, Group, Corporate

- Children & School programs

Kortnee offers affordable life-changing customized programs developed in partnership with you targeted directly to your needs, your struggles and your goals.

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Courses & Teachings:

Tools, techniques and trade secrets for seekers and healers.


- Winds of Change Life Transformation Program

- Certification Programs:

Dream interpretation,

Reiki Master,

Cacao Practitioner,

Nature Connection Mentor

- Confluence Healing Arts Academy: Offer your own course here

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Groups, Gatherings,

& Get-Togethers:

Connect and collaborate.


- Free Facebook Community

- Free YouTube Videos

- Healing Circles

- Spiritual Wisdom Collective

- Empowered Women's Collaborative

- Local gatherings & events

- Virtual programs

- Membership Community

- Women's Business Directory


Hi! I'm Kortnee.
I am ready to help you shift from feeling discouraged and disillusioned
to fulfillment and joy.
The time for YOU is now!

"Kortnee is magic! I don't know what it is about her, but every time I'm around her I just feel better.
From the moment she walks in everything just lights up and I feel happy, calm and refreshed.
I just find myself smiling. Kortnee makes everything better." -Sherry T., San Antonio, TX

Confluence Healing Arts

"Kortnee Whitehawk
exudes passionate joy for life and
embraces everyone with her smile!"

Kortnee is a visionary communicator who will teach you how to energize your life

with time-honored tools and proven processes

Join the Community

Our FREE Facebook group is is waiting for you!
We are a community of awakening spiritual seekers committed to living their most joyful lives. We are here to help you find clarity as you discover the authentic song of your soul!

Find support...
Discover encouragement...
Enjoy free programs...


"Kortnee's group is filled with open-hearted kindness.

She offers so much support and encouragement and has given me new insights and wisdom. I am so grateful for this online community."

-Wilma T. Ontario, Canada

Life transformation begins now

"...An invigorating spark of energy and inspiration,
that's Kortnee..."

"When you change your story, you change your life!

I know it's true because I did exactly that.

Twenty years ago my life was total pandemonium and chaos.

I am here now to help you find the inspiration

to discover your limitless new future and

step into the life of your dreams.

-Kortnee Whitehawk


"Kortnee is pure energy... Total inspiration...

and Divine Intervention.

She changed my life in one session."

- Edward V., Retreat Attendee

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"Kortnee you are so amazing and your energy is so vibrant. Thank you for loving us so well. We were all truly blessed by you. Love you!"

- Lynn M, Retreat Host

Come to the Confluence...


Shift from "Sehnsucht" to Zen.
Are you aching with a painful longing, feeling the deep wistful yearning of
wanting something 
but you can't quite put your finger on it?
Does FOMO fill your days?

Are you vaguely dissatisfied by others' success?

This state of being is described by the German word "sensucht."
It is a state of being unwell from having a painful craving or longing;
it is the energetic striving for an ideal, but being unsure how to get there.

We don't even have a word for it!
But you're definitely not alone.

Feeling disillusioned and dissatisfied by life?

Feel as though you can't keep up?

Wondering if there is something more out there?

Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You've come to the right place!

Are you stressed out and unwell? 

Hoping to lose some weight?

Suffering with autoimmune disorders? Cancers?

Digestive issues?

Chronic pain?

You are not stuck!

I can help!

Dissatisfied with your career and finances?

Relationship problems?

Dealing with parenting issues? 


Feeling anxious and depressed?


You are ready for a change!

"I can't thank you enough, Kortnee! I am ready for it all and I am grateful. You helped me fix things that I didn't even know needed fixing and I have found my soul purpose. I feel better mentally and physically. I am ready to move forward with renewed inspiration. I am coming back to life! Thank you!" - Connie H., New Braunfels, TX

Your future starts now...
Design your own retreat or private healing today