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“Hands On” Sanitizing Spray

Blended by hand; infused with reiki healing energy

Created and Crafted by Confluence Healing Arts



Each 60ml germ-fighting bottle of “Hands On” contains a germ-killing spirit base and is enriched with a non-drying, long-lasting moisturizer. Every bottle is infused with over 10ml of our proprietary blend of ten essential-oils with six known to eradicate viruses and bacteria.*

Unlike traditional gel hand sanitizers made in mass quantities with dehydrating isopropyl alcohol, “Hands On” disinfects and nourishes, leaving hands feeling refreshed without any sticky residue.


“Hands On” is imbued with reiki healing energy with intentions set for health, well-being and vitality.



No isopropyl alcohol

No sticky aloe vera gel




Shake vigorously EACH and EVERY time before use!

Spray on and rub hands together, the additional heat created by rubbing your hands together, also has been shown to kill pathogens.



*In accordance with FDA regulation and guidelines, this product is not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose COVID-19. 



"Hands On" Sanitizing Hand Spray

  • *Nothing can replace the germ-killing ability of handwashing with hot water and soap.

    This product is intended for use only when best hand-washing practices are not available.

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