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"Freshen Up" fabric revitalizer saves your fabircs and your wallet.


Avoid the huge expense of dry cleaning and all the unecessary, harsh chemicals used in the process.


Instead of dry cleaning and hand washing your specialty items, simply freshen them up with Freshen Up.*


Perfect for use on fine fabrics, delicates, winter coats, wool, silk, scarves, shoes, and other difficult and expensive items to launder.

Also use on upholstery, rugs and drapes.


* Freshen Up must be testing on all fabrics in advance. 








"Freshen Up" Fabric Revitalizer

  • "Freshen Up is perfect for decreasing my amount of laundry. I can get a few wears out of my favorite sweater now. I simply spray the armpits after each wearing and it keeps it smelling fresh."


    "This product is wonderful for sprucing up my couch and furniture when company is coming. My cat has a favorite spot on the couch and it gets a little stinky. Freshen Up makes it smell good again." 


    "My dry cleaning bill used to be huge. Thanks to freshen up, I've cut it in half. And I'm so glad not to be exposed to all those nasty chemicals too."





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