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“Bug Out”


Bug Repellent Spray for preventing the unavoidable bites and stings of the great outdoors. Don't let the stinging and biting insects drive you indoors! Bug Out and stay out with this amazing repellent.


Blended by hand; infused with reiki healing energy

Created and crafted by Confluence Healing Arts



Each 60ml bug-repelling bottle of “Bug Out” contains a spirit-base enriched with non-drying, long-lasting ingredients. Every bottle is infused with over 10ml of our proprietary blend of five essential-oils known to repel stinging bugs and biting insects, including mosquitos, chiggers, gnats, and no-see-ums.

Unlike traditional bug sprays, Bug Out is completely natural with no deet or other harsh chemicals. Safe for kids and pets.


“Bug Out” is imbued with reiki healing energy with intentions set for health, well-being and vitality.


No isopropyl alcohol

No sticky aloe vera gel

No nasty chemicals or deet.

"Bug Out" Repellent Spray

  • "We took Bug Out on our trip overseas into some remote jungle locations; it was amazingly effective. Best bug spray ever. We slept outdoors without a mosquito net and we were fine - usually I get eaten alive, but Bug Out kept our trip fun and free of miserable bug bites."


    "This product is wonderful for my children. They love the clean, fresh scent and they can even apply it themselves! We love Bug Out!" 


    “Best bug spray I've ever used.”


    “Bug Out works even better than the big name bug sprays and I dont have to worry about all those harsh chemicals.”


    “I need bug spray but I hate it because it stains my clothing. I have even ruined the finish on a jacket and a watchband with all those harsh chemicals. One bug spray actually even melted part of my phone case! Bug Out is the answer! I will never use tradtitonal bug spray ever again.”


    “Other bug sprays smell so strong and icky; my kids won't use it. Bug Out smells good and refreshing. We actually like it.”




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