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Confluence Healing Arts custom healing armoa-mist scents 

designed for body, room and textiles.


Three scents to choose from:

(Please note during check-out which scent you are selecting.)


1) Stress Out - This aroma-mist blend is designed to bring calm and peace during times of anxiety. Immediately soothes frazzled nerves and settles you down from high end panic mode. Combining soothing lavendar, ylang ylang and other gentle scent tones, Stress Out reduces the noise of life and brings on the relaxation.


2) Game On - This aroma-mist blend revs you up. Need an afternoon jolt or a quick pick me up before a big meeting? Game On is the scent for you. With invigorating spicy notes to put the pep in your step, this Aroma Mist will give you an effective re-charge. It's like a cup of jo' without all the side effects.


3) Spreading Smiles Scent - This Aroma Mist blend is the perfect scent for any time, anywhere. Full of fresh minty overtones and woodsy notes, spreading smiles will brighten your day and gently refresh you.


Each scent is available in body/textile/room spray, roll-on, or scent stick.


Customized healing scents can also be ordered and will be designed specifically for you and reiki infused with your healing intention.

See details about our scent program in the Custom Scent Product tab.

Aroma Mist: Healing Energy for Body & Home

  • Aroma Mist has multiple uses:

    - body-scent spray

    - air freshener

    - fabric and textiles freshener

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