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 Retreats & Gatherings

Let's design your perfect event!


Another boring event? Oh hell no!


No one wants to attend another spiritual retreat or work seminar with the same ol' boring schedule and monotonous ice breakers. Together we can design an event that feels unique, fresh, and inspiring! Invigorate your retreat, workshop, class or presentation with creative solutions. 


Kortnee has decades of experience developing, coordinating, planning, and producing large-scale events, productions, camps, classes, curriculum, and programs. Whether it's a family reunion, a corporate seminar, or a healing retreat, Kortnee will deliver an energized experience based on your needs and goals within a budget set by you.

The possibilities are endless

& the outcomes are infinite!

Check out my vast menu of offerings described on this page.

Allow me to curate the perfect occasion based on the needs of your team.

Let's hop on a free consultation call

to discuss your specific goals and desired outcomes.

We will collaborate to create an event that

exceeds expectations and is beyond what you dreamed possible.

Events, Meetings & Conferences

Consulting and Strategies

Next level event planning designed to maximize participant experience:

Annual Training, Corporate Retreats, Group Seminars, and more.

Take your company event to new heights. The future of training for groups is now.No matter what type of event you are planning Kortnee will collaborate with you to make it efficient, effective, and exceptional. Let's plan together to ensure that no one gets bored, everyone leaves feeling refreshed, time is well-spent, and, even better, everyone is actually looking forward to the next one.

Kortnee Thinks of Everything... So you don't have to!

- The Location: Create the perfect container for maximum success with thoughtful environment planning.

- The Schedule: Develop an optimal schedule to enhance readiness, learning, retention and implementation based on science-based brain research.


- The Goals: Design your event to maximize goals and outcomes.

- The Procedure: Build a social contract with clear norms and expectations for success.

- The Dynamics: Focus on group chemistry with careful advanced planning to thoughtfully customize team growth.

- The Presentation: Review your strategies, presentation style, and delivery with a Public Speaking Coaching Session.


- Kortnee will guide you through a goal setting planning session, evaluate group dynamics in advance, provide effective tools to upgrade team cooperation, develop personalized  conflict resolution strategies, and lead you through a customized process of vision casting to ensure future success.


- Tools available to you and your team: Meyer's Briggs Personality Testing, Mayan Life Path Readings, Animal Totems, New Games Team-building Strategies, and more.​​​​​​

"I've never experienced anything like this! We dove in and went for the big package and it was absolutely the right choice. Kortnee met with each team member before the event, developed recommendations for company development, she then collaborated with us to design a year long strategy to meet our vision, and THEN we planned the actual training sessions. It was a complete overhaul and Kortnee's consulting skills have upgraded the entire landscape of our company. She is not only skilled in human development, and exceptional at team building and conflict resolution, the vision-casting sessions were simply brilliant. Kortnee is a visionary that will give you the skills and support to uplevel everything. We are ever grateful." - Cheryl J. Atlanta, GA

Free Consultation! Let's get started...

Schedule your free zoom call now to discuss the possibilities for your retreat, seminar, workshop, and programs.

Looking forward to talking with you about your event. Let's make some magic!

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