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Healing: On Location

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Let Kortnee come to you...

- Forest Bathing & Shinrin Yoku

- Home Energy Clearing & Interior Design Alignment

- Shamanic Journeys, Guided Meditation & Breathwork:

         Sound Healing, Sacred Drumming, 

         Native American Flute, Light Language

- Travel Therapy

- Ceremony: Moon, Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Tea, Cacao

- Water Flotation Healing

- Sacred Site Healing Session & Travel Therapy

Discover a unique menu of healing experiences unlike anything you've ever seen or heard of before. Kortnee offers distinctive sessions which allow you to delve into a realm of healing beyond what you've ever imagined possible.

Explore the choices below to learn about Kortnee's exclusive offers for on-location, one-on-one healing sessions. Group sessions are also available. Click EVENTS & RETREATS for more info.​​​

Private Healing Sessions On Location 

Unsure which to choose?

Let us help you find the best fit


New clients receive a 20-minute consultation when booking first appointment

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