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Healing Sessions

Contact Kortnee to reserve your package of healing sessions.





-All one-on-one sessions may include reiki, breathwork, shamanic practices, energy medicine, chakra alignment & balancing, oracle cards, crystals, guided meditation, pendulum dousing, scrying, or

prenatal doula care.

-Aroma & sound are included.

-Choose up to three methodologies to include in your session.


FREE Introductory Call:

-New clients receive a 20-minute introductory phone call/consultation with booking of first appointment ($150 value)

-Not sure what to choose?

Have questions?

Let us help you find the best fit for your transformation.

Healing Session

Kortnee has a healing gift. Allow her to align your energies, channel a message from a spirit guide, tap into ancient wisdom, and partner with you to shift the "dis-ease" in your body.

Deep transformation occurs through healing wisdom. Kortnee has a uniquely inspired gift for partnering with divine energies to receive astounding insight, clear messages and profound wisdom on your behalf.


Allow her gift to work for you.


Experience focused healing. With your guided permission, Kortnee will tap into ancient wisdom and work with rare insight on your behalf. You will receive a sacred message and be supercharged with targeted healing energy. This is your opportunity to connect with Spirit in a way never before experienced. You can shift the energy of a difficult situation, receive healing, and get big answers to difficult questions. Experience deep transformation fueled by ancient wisdom and insight.


Your Healing Session includes several parts:

  1. Orientation and getting to know you

  2. Determine specific healing targeted areas

  3. Set intentions

  4. Healing Session

  5. Integration

  6. Homework

  7. Follow up


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