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Healings & Readings

Life Path Readings

Discover your soul purpose. Choose from a comprehensive menu of clarifying tools.

Kortnee will help you discover your true soul purpose and give you tools to unleash the song of your heart.

-Meyers Briggs Personality Test

-Mayan Birthday Chart Discovery

-S0ul Mate & Love Path Reading

- Spirit & Power Animal Session

-Chakra Totems

-Chakra Clearing & Alignment

-Natural Elements Life Emblem

"Kortnee Whitehawk is a gifted healer who works personally with each client to determine what is needed and find the best path forward. Whether it's a physical ailment or an emotional wound, the healing happens here. She's the best."

- William R., New York NY


 Kortnee Whitehawk, MS, Ed 

   Teacher, Healer,  Author,  Speaker  

 Fifth Generation Abenaki Medicine Woman. Reiki Master Teacher. 

 Shamanic Practitioner. Award-Winning Educator. Nature Connection Mentor. 

  Certified Teacher. Energy Medicine Guru. Birth Doula. 

  First Certified Nature Therapy Guide in Texas. Spiritual Intuitive.  

The path is yours to discover...

Ground Center Balance Focus

Healing Sessions & Readings:

So many paths lead to self-discovery & growth


Hands-on Sessions

Remote Sessions

Indoor or Outdoor

- Life Path Readings

- Soul Purpose Discovery Session

- Spirit Animals, Power Animals & Chakra Totems

- Soul Mate Attraction & Rumi Card Reading

- Intention Setting & Releasing Blocks

- Energy Medicine

- Reiki Healing

- Chakra Clearing & Chakra Alignment

- Shamanic Healing

- Sacred Site Healing Sessions

- Water Healing 

- Fire Ceremony, Moon Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony

- Home Energy Clearing

- Oracle Card Readings

- Intuitive Readings

- Career & Finance Roadblock Removal

- Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing

- Moving Beyond Limiting Beliefs

- Forest Bathing & Shinrin Yoku

- Partnering with Nature- Discovering The Elements of Nature Within


You are ready for the next step.

You are not reading this by accident.

If you were waiting for a sign...

If you were waiting for the right moment...

If you were waiting for the stars to align...

You are not reading this by accident.

You are ready for the next step.


Not sure what to choose?
Kortnee is ready to help.

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