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About Me

Kortnee Whitehawk, MS, Ed
otherwise known as "Kortnee With-a-K"

"Kortnee is a person you just have to meet. She's real. She is fun.

And she is simultaneously incredibly honest and enormously compassionate."


Signature Practice...





Through my signature practice, Ground Center Balance Focus, lives are being transformed. As a Teacher, Healer, Author, Speaker, I teach life-changing tools, connection and reunion with the natural elements, and practices for manifesting a new reality.

You can overcome limiting beliefs and old patterns to discover joy and authenticity in your life!



-Fifth-Generation Abenaki Medicine Woman

- Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

- Trained in ancient Peruvian healing wisdom

- Usui Reiki Healing Master

- ANFT Certified Nature Therapy Guide 

- Certified Trail Consultant

- Published Author

- Award-Winning Educator

- TEA Certified Teacher 

- World Traveler

- Dynamic Public Speaker

- Program Developer

- Medical Intuitive

- Oracle Card Reader

- And your friend on the journey!


Healing Arts

Founded over 15 years ago, Confluence Healing Arts

offers life-mentoring, one-on-one healing sessions, retreats, classes, courses and programs to encourage well-being in creative and transformational ways.

At the confluence of two beautiful rivers in a grove of magnificent cypress trees, imagine a time and space where the whole of your life experiences, your background, your highest self and your soul purpose finally begin to flow together as one. This is Confluence Healing Arts.

Confluence Healing Arts

Kortnee earned a master of science in health, wellness and education. She also holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and health. Kortnee is an award-winning educator and curriculum developer with years of experience. 


With advanced spiritual training, she has revolutionized a new path toward life-transformation grounded in science-based physiological research, centered on personal spiritual development, balanced by deep exploration into relationship with the natural elements, and focused on manifestation of our highest self and soul purpose.


Kortnee is...

Her Story...

Who is this Kortnee, anyway?

Kortnee Whitehawk, MS, Ed, is a fifth-generation Abenaki Medicine Woman, shamanic practitioner of the Andes Cosmovision, a gifted energy worker, a healer, and Usui-trained Reiki Master Teacher.


She was the first certified forest bathing nature therapy guide and trail consultant in Texas, an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and published author. She holds a master's degree in health and wellness education as well as psychology, theatre, and music. 


Kortnee is an award-winning educator, trainer, and curriculum developer. She is the founder of Confluence Healing Arts and offers nature therapy, water flotation and water healing, classes and trainings, energy-healing retreats, private healing sessions, and distance healing services.


She is a world traveler having been to 40 countries, 49 states, and 51

U.S. National Parks. Kortnee enjoys sitting quietly underneath trees at nearby rivers while watching turtles swim by.

Kortnee is available for one-on-one energy medicine, speaking engagements, corporate team-building events, nature healing sessions,

customized camps, classes, and workshops for all ages.


Contact Kortnee for information and details on upcoming workshops, retreats, events, and educational opportunities.

"Together we're stronger"