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Home Energy Clearing

Home Energy Clearing & Alignment.

Interior Design Energy Makeover.

"Our home was feeling very dark and negative.

The heavy energy was dragging us all down.

Not only did Kortnee fix it, she also gave me the tools

to keep our space feeling light and clear."

Out with the old...
in with the new

Heal Your Life from the Ground Up




Transform your physical space.

Allow your home to become a sanctuary of support.

When is the right time for a Home Energy Clearing or Alignment?

- New home

- New goals

- New job

- New baby

- New partner

- New furniture

- New mindset

- Recent illness

- Lost a pet

- Death in the family

​- Feeling heavy energy

- Having trouble setting goals

- Can't work from home

- Things just don't feel right


Home Energy Clearing
& Alignment:

Home Energy Clearing & Alignment:

-Allow two hours to refresh and renew your space

-Be ready for strange noises and scents as we open and restore your

sacred space. (Rattles. Flutes. Chimes. Sage. Bells. Oracle cards…)

-Please inform if you have scent preferences or allergies

-Children can participate with advance permission only

-Pets must be secured

-Pet reiki and healing sessions are also available


Home Energy Toolbox:

Home Energy Clearing Toolbox:

-60-minute session to learn your own tools for daily effective home-energy clearing

- It’s more than just sage and incense 
-Add this option to learn specific techniques for clearing your own

energy sanctuary and for developing your own daily healing practice

-Allow three hours total; you will participate in the process

-Children can participate with advance permission only

-Pets must be secured


Home Energy Makeover & Interior Design

Home Energy Makeover: 

- After clearing and revitalizing the energy,

add physical support to your intentions.

- Learn simple and easy to implement design suggestions for your home and yard to help uplift and support your energy every day

- Tap into how your home can serve you best and become an ally in your life transformation: This may range from simple suggestions to a total makeover including decluttering and design elements, curtains and couches, to paint color, accessories and plants

- Design an altar and sacred space in your home or yard

- Create a ceremony space

How do you feel in your home? 

How do you feel about your home? 

What three words describe how you want to feel in your home?  How do you want your sanctuary to support you?

-Travel fees apply.

Refresh. Renew. Refocus.
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